The Grove Resort & SPA
Leaseback Program

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  • Closing date reflected in the rental agreement until 06/30/2022


  • 10% of the purchase price annually, divided over 12 months

    Reservation Fund

  • 4% of the monthly rent will be deducted from the owner's monthly rent payment and deposited into the Reserve Fund account


  • Owner is responsible for paying the Homeowners Association during the lease term, which will be deducted from the owner's monthly rent payment

    Owner's Use

  • Owner can use unit up to 14 nights a year, at no cost to the owner
  • No use by the owner will be permitted during the following dates: from March 15 to a week after Easter, from June 20 to July 31, and December 15th to January 7th

    Payment Terms

  • Direct deposited in the owner's bank account around the 20th of each month.


  • Owner is responsible for the cost of insurance.


As a condition for receiving this incentive, buyers must sign the purchase contract and deliver the deposit immediately. Please note that this incentive is on a first come first served basis and that no additional incentives will be granted. This promotion is only valid for The Grove Resort & Water Park properties.

Ricardo Parente, Realtor®
Licensed Real Estate Agent