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Buyer Talking Points

Finding and purchasing a home is a detailed process that demands time and dedication. I am passionate about my work because it leads to the ultimate reward – handing you the keys to your dream home. I am happy to talk through the several types of buyer representation I offer so we can find the one that works best for you. Exclusive buyer representation is my preferred method of representing you. With an exclusive commitment, I can dedicate substantial time and energy to help you find and purchase a home. You become my highest priority. But understand that I am willing to be retained to represent you on a nonexclusive basis. Either way you retain me we do need to discuss how I will be paid for my services.

First, the brokerage itself and I personally are paid on a commission basis. That means that I only get paid if I help you find a hoe you want to purchase, and the purchase happens. Unless and until that happens, no payment is due. Even though I may not be paid, I will do a substantial amount of work trying to make your home buying process a success. That starts with looking at properties to find one that is right for you. As your agent, I will search listings and preview homes on my own to make sure I help you find that home. Beyond that I will explain the home buying process, help you develop your goals, set expectations, arrange a pre-approval letter with a lender, negotiate the purchase price, coordinate inspections, help coordinate title insurance and other closing services, and manage a myriad of other details needed to close the home efficiently ans seamlessly. All of those are outlined in our buyer agency brochure that I will provide you with.

  1. Second, there are several ways in which I can be paid for my services. These include:
    The seller of the property you are interested in has offered to pay a commission to the buyer’s broker, which is typically disclosed in the MLS as part of the listing;
  2. The seler has not offered to pay a commission to the buyer’s broker, but we include that requirement as part of the offer you make on the property;
  3. The seller will not agree to pay a buyer’s broker commission, in which case you would be responsible for paying me. Please note that my payment amount is not set by law snd is fully negotiable. The payment terms are in the buyer representation agreement that you would sign when I am retained.

As your broker, we can help you to make informed and educated decisions. For example, we will prepare a comparative market analysis (CMA) to help you access the market value of any particular property in which you are interested. The market analysis will also help us negotiate the purchase price and terms most favorable to you. As your broker we can recommend other professionals you may need for the home purchase such as home inspectors, lenders, attorneys, insurance providers, movers, painters, and other local support. Having a dedicated professional to advocate for you throughout the homebuying process is a very worthwhile investment for you as you make one of the biggest purchases in life.

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