Articles Buyer Talking Points Finding and purchasing a home is a detailed process that demands time and dedication. I am passionate about my work because it leads to the ultimate reward – handing you the keys to your dream home. I am happy to talk through the several types of buyer representation I offer so we can find the […]
Articles Why Now Could Be the Golden Opportunity to Buy Your Dream Home In the ever-shifting landscape of real estate, there’s a whisper making its way through the market – now might be one of the best times to buy a home. While it seems counterintuitive, especially with 20-year high mortgage rates and steady prices, let’s unpack why jumping into the housing market now could be a surprisingly […]
Articles Owning Versus Renting Owning your own home might not be one of the defining qualities od the “American Dream”, the set of ideals that includes opportunity for prosperity and success and an upward social mobility for the family and children, achieved through hard work. However, home ownership is surely ingrained as one of the strongest representation of that […]
Articles How Real Estate Agents Help Home Buyers (Continued) More Access to the Real Estate Market A real estate agent will have better access to the market, and a special knowledge of local conditions. The agent is a full-time liaison between sellers and buyers. An agent will have ready access to other properties listed by other agents. Buyers’ and sellers’ agents know how to […]
Articles How Real Estate Agents Help Home Buyers I’ll come right out at the start and tell you I’m a real estate agent — Proudly so! Nice to meet you! I’m not trying to sell y ou anything, but I’m pleased to be of service. In fact, generally, real estate agents for buyers are paid for out of the listing agent’s commissions. So, […]
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