Articles Seller Talking Points WHY OFFERS OF COMPENSATION FOR BUYER’S AGENTS ARE GOOD FOR SELLERS Whether to offer compensation to a buyer’s agent, and the amount of compensation you may decide to offer, is purely your choice. There is no legal or other obligation to offer such compensation. However, so that you can make an informed decision, and help […]
Articles Why Now Could Be the Golden Opportunity to Buy Your Dream Home In the ever-shifting landscape of real estate, there’s a whisper making its way through the market – now might be one of the best times to buy a home. While it seems counterintuitive, especially with 20-year high mortgage rates and steady prices, let’s unpack why jumping into the housing market now could be a surprisingly […]
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Articles Make Your Home Stand Out with These Budget-Friendly Curb Appeal Ideas by Chibuzo Ezeokeke We all want visitors and families to feel welcome when they come to our homes. You also want your home’s exterior to look its best when you’re ready to sell. It’s the focal point for any potential buyer, and what they see as they approach the front steps will be their first impression of […]
Articles The Dos and Don’ts of Negotiating (Continued) Don’t Be Moved by Awkward Silence When you are negotiating and the buyer makes an offer, don’t feel compelled to respond immediately. Whether it be 10 seconds or 10 minutes, make the buyer or his agent speak first. They may see your silence as disappointment, and choose to revise the offer or offer a concession […]
Articles The Dos and Don’ts of Negotiating Selling your home is a business transaction. Although it may be a many-layered process that appears more personal than business, at its heart, it’s simply a buyer negotiating to purchase a seller’s home for an agreed-upon price. You as a seller must keep this fact in mind. Opinions, emotions, and ego may attempt to derail […]
Articles Be a Power Negotiator Negotiating your home sale does not have to be intimidating. By learning how real estate negotiations work and how to apply proven techniques, you can get the price you want from the buyers. Know More Than Your Buyers The two major elements of negotiation are motivation and skill. A motivated buyer wants the best deal, […]
Articles Finding Buyers You now understand the importance of pricing and how real estate today is largely driven by technology. How do you find buyers? The two most valuable tools to finding ready buyers are the previously covered strategic pricing and an aggressive online marketing plan. According to recent National Association of Realtors® surveys, 36% of homebuyers first […]
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Articles Learn From Other’s Mistakes To avoid selling your home for less than it’s worth and leaving money on the table, it’s helpful to find out what other people have done wrong. These are example of costly mistakes, including mistakes made by banks. The final story demonstrates how pricing your home right the first time is crucial in a changing […]
Articles Other Seller’s Mistakes Zillow has compiled a list of “don’ts” to help people avoid the pitfalls of an otherwise successful sale. Entering a contract to sell your home before you get qualified to buy another is problematic. Your financial situation may have shift since your last purchase, and you may not meet the requirements for a loan, or […]
Articles Common Seller Mistakes (continued) Selling your home is a business transaction between a qualified buyer and yourself. If you have enjoyed living in your home for years, but have decided to move on, then don’t let the emotional attachments to the home affect how you price it. The most objective price will come from the CMA provided by your […]
Articles Common Seller Mistakes This list of frequent seller’s mistakes regarding house listing pricing can help you avoid the pitfalls involved in selling your home. If setting a price was simple and straightforward, you would not need assistance in pricing your home correctly. Save yourself time and money by avoiding these costly mistakes. Pricing Mistakes: The first several seller mistakes involve […]
Articles How to Market Your Home The purpose of this article is to provide insight and guidance on how to sell a home quickly and for more money. Previous articles concerned real estate sales terminology and concepts, with a heavy emphasis on the dos-and-don’ts of getting a home listing ready for the most effective presentation, and thus price. The goal of […]
Articles Staging Is Readying the Home to Show: The Three D’s DEPERSONALIZED Staging is readying the home to show to potential buyers; you must encourage them to visualize living in the home itself, but not in your home. Depersonalizing the home involves removing your personal items, such as photos, trophies, and collectibles. Knickknacks and wall decor are also personal taste items that may distract buyers from […]
Articles Upgrading Your Home for Sale with ROI in Mind Making upgrades can be as easy as replacing the handset on your front door or as daunting as remodeling a kitchen or bathroom or even repainting the entire house. The question is always what home improvement give the best return on the remodeling dollar? Return on Investment (ROI) is generally less than 100% in real […]
Articles 2 of 3 Florida Sellers in April Got Asking Price or More By Erica Plemmons Florida Realtors economist: Most Fla. home sellers accepted offers at or above their asking price – and 1 in 5 (20%) Fla. sellers get at least 5% more. ORLANDO, Fla – Homes are a hot commodity. For homeowners that decide to list, the lack of supply is working in their favor, and […]
Articles Staging Your Home for Sale with Purpose Staging is the act of sprucing and setting up a home to make it as visually appealing as possible to a prospective buyer. Creating an eye-appealing home – one that potential buyers can envision themselves living in – is the best investment in the sales effort. Sellers often fail to take full advantage in this […]