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Finding Buyers

You now understand the importance of pricing and how real estate today is largely driven by technology. How do you find buyers? The two most valuable tools to finding ready buyers are the previously covered strategic pricing and an aggressive online marketing plan.

According to recent National Association of Realtors® surveys, 36% of homebuyers first found the home they purchased on the Internet. Real estate agents were consulted at the same rate as the Internet, but were not the first choice of buyers. Only 2% found homes in the local newspapers; 9 of 10 home shoppers use the Internet to search for properties using syndicated realty websites.

Your home can be seen from anywhere; however, you shouldn’t rely on exposure alone. Smart agents will feature your home on websites directed at buyers. Website search functions should filter results by using criteria such as schools, neighborhoods, and subdivisions. Buyers look for a house in a place that fits their lifestyle. The dedicated website should provide a wealth of information to buyers regarding proximity to schools, shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment. This is an excellent way to find interested buyers. When a buyer is deciding where to live, you want your home included in the search results.

A neighborhood consisting of senior citizens and retired people, without a designated school bus stop close by, would not suit a family with school-aged children, even though the house might meet their other criteria. A bachelor may not be interested in living near children, even though a two-story home with a garage is what he’s looking for. By design, websites should direct buyers to homes that meet their lifestyle, thus eliminating uninterested shoppers.

Give Your Home a “Youtube” Tour

A Youtube tour shows the buyer your personal perspective of living in the house and can be linked to most major search engines. If you choose to do this, be proactive about getting the video out there. Send links of the video to any interested parties and make sure your real estate agent is doing the same. Insist that your agent gets it on his or her company’s website.

Further, to make sure that, in this Information Age, you utilize marketing vehicles beyond traditional Realtor® networks. Two out of three homebuyers start their search online. The five highest traffic websites are:

If you are unable to do proper marketing for your video, ask your real estate agent to do it for you.

Your best option is to discuss aggressively online marketing with a real estate agent who would like to list your home. You want to assure yourself that the agent has modern social media plans and outlets. You want to maximize your exposure as well as generate interest from your target market.

The CMA will help you price your home strategically, and your online presentation should bring you interested buyers.

Excerpted from my book “Selling Secrets – You Can’t Afford to Miss”
Ricardo Parente, Realtor®
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