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5 Home Improvement Trends to Watch

According to Handyman Pros

The remodeling boom continues. Here are some popular house projects that handyman professionals are increasingly being called upon to help.

January 16, 2023

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A handyman can help with a range of home remodeling projects. Derek Christian, owner of the Handyman Connection in Blue Ash, Ohio, offers some of the trends he’s noticing with remodels:

  1. Airbnb-friendly spaces

“We are seeing a big trend toward consumers, especially younger first-time home buyers, creating a second rentable space in their home,” Christian says. These projects may include creating a second lavish owner’s suite, sometimes with its own separate entrance. Also, homeowners are looking to add accessory dwelling units as another rental possibility or turn a basement into a rental apartment, Christian notes.

  1. Composite decksRonstik Getty Images

These have been growing in popularity for several years. “With the price of wood tripling during the pandemic, composite decks went from being more expensive to now less expensive than traditional wood decks,” Christian says. “The price of plywood has come down since the pandemic, but we have not had a single request for a new wood deck since 2020.”

  1. Lighting upgrades

“There are so many choices of dramatic accent lights now, from pendants to Edison bulbs and LEDs,” Christian says. “These enable all kinds of unique shapes. Consumers are adding dramatic accent lights throughout their home.”

  1. Free-standing soaker tubs

“We’re getting more requests to add these in to replace the built-in tubs,” Christian says. Often, he says, the free-standing soaker tub will have a chandelier above it to help create a more luxurious, spa-like bathroom.

  1. Smart-home tech

“The smart home is not here all the way yet, but we are seeing many smaller changes taking hold on that front,” Christian says. “Nearly every remodel we do comes with the request for at least a few sockets with built-in USB charging ports.” Also, in the bathroom for fan/light replacements, consumers increasingly are selecting ones with built-in LED lights that change color as well as have Bluetooth-enabled speakers.

Excerpted from the NAR National Association of Realtors® blog post

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