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Most Insta-Worthy Interior Styles May Surprise You

The farmhouse style doesn’t seem to be a fading fad after all. A new survey shows what styles are gaining the most traction on Instagram.

Instagram has become a

Joe Hendrickson / Getty Images

Joe Hendrickson / Getty Images

common place where consumers search for ideas to spruce up their home. Hashtags like #homedesigninspo will turn up a plethora of ideas. But more specific hashtags associated to certain styles also make up a growing part of Instagram’s home design content.

In fact, after perusing the latest list of the most Insta-worthy interior design styles, you may want to start attaching a coordinating hashtag to the style of your listings to maximize traffic.

So, what home styles are buyers attracted to?

Despite recent design surveys calling the style dead, “farmhouse” still tops the list of the most Insta-worthy interior trends. More than 4.8 million posts on Instagram refer to the farmhouse style, according to a study conducted by RubyHome Luxury Real Estate(link is external). “The farmhouse interior trend combines simple, practical, and rustic features,” the study authors note. “With many ways of incorporating the farmhouse trend into your home, this interior style has become popular on social media.”

The second-place runner-up for most Insta-worthy interior trends is the rustic style, which has more than 4.7 million Instagram posts. “Rustic is laid back and easy, with many natural features, including wooden beams and stone, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere,” researchers note. The most popular hashtags for this trend were: #rusticdecor, #rusticinterior and #rustichome, the study found.

Third on the list: neutral interiors, which has generated nearly 3 million posts on Instagram. This one can be great for prepping a home, as it may help a wider pool of buyers visualize living there. “Similar to rustic, the neutral trend is about making the most of natural features and light,” the authors note. “The color palette consists of beige tones, whites, grays and shades of brown. This interior trend is broad, so a lot more freedom can be had with this style.”

While those are the trendiest styles, the Instagram interior style winning over the fewest fans: black interiors, which generated only about 325,000 posts. The trend may be featured anywhere in a home, whether it be a black kitchen, black walls or black furniture. But black interiors have been gaining popularity, so this one may be just starting to break out.

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Excerpted from the National Realtor Association News & Events